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prefix: relating to sound



adjective: of or relating to motion and the associated forces and energy



    adverb: going up, increasing, approaching a higher level



    noun: vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear

    when sound moves through the air, each  air molecule vibrates back and forth, hitting the air molecule next to it, which then also vibrates back and forth

    a sound wave is a longitudinal or pressure wave where the disturbance moves in the same direction as the wave



    noun:​ the principle of vibration is one of the basic laws of the universe. everything moves and nothing rests. ... as we activate our brain cells, we set up a vibration in our bodies. This results in the frequency with which we carry ourselves and creates the perception of our internal and external reality

    a person's emotional state, aura, spirit.

    an atmosphere of a place


    /sound bath/

    noun: an immersive healing sound experience

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     Our Journey 

    Stephanie and Tony have been creating together in the arts for 2 decades. In 2017, Stephanie felt a gentle, yet very insistent push to delve into sound healing. In channelling the SonoKinetic Risings, Stephanie knew that Tony, with his musical gifts and incredible ability to hold space, was the partner needed to bring these healings to fruition. They are honored to be guided to bring forward creations that are inspired beyond anything they have done before.

    Stephanie: Fascinated by the Metaphysical since she was very little, it was inevitable that eventually after a career in performing arts, she found her way to the healing arts. Stephanie is a Reiki Master, Medium and Psychic Healer. Prior to ever hearing a quartz crystal singing bowl, Stephanie found herself waking up mornings, hearing amazingly intense resonating notes. She knew it was a message of sorts and asked "Am I supposed to be writing music?" About a year later, when she began studying the Metaphysical arts and was introduced to a singing bowl, she knew what the message was and now several years later is excited to deliver an Angel guided, Reiki sound healing experience to you!

    Tony: Drawn to music and art at the early age of 5, he began learning the piano. Soon after discovering a hidden drum kit, he became determined to learn to play. His love for playing the drums and the encouragement of a few key mentors brought him to Berkley College of Music on a scholarship. Inspired by his teachers and mentors, Tony went on to learn many instruments and to teach in various settings. A full life of performing around the globe for music lovers has given Tony the tools to hold space and be truly present with the listener. Now, Tony has combined his love of music and bringing people together into the avenue of the healing arts.

    Image by Sharon McCutcheon

    Bring The Rising To You

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