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Emily G

"Sonokinetic Rising is fantastic, and there is truly no other sound healing experience quite like that facilitated by Stephanie & Tony. Having participated in a handful of sound baths, I have developed a strong foundation to base my opinions on, and while each session is unique in its own way, Sonokinetic Rising stands out as one of my absolute favorites."

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Peter W

" I'd never been to a sound bath prior to a SonoKinetic Rising. I left feeling more relaxed and at peace. I've made a point to go every time another weekend of chakra risings is offered. Well worth the time, effort and money to experience in person"

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Melissa V

“Sonokinetic Rising sound baths are unique. More complex in sound than other sound baths I’ve experienced; very transportive, creating a gentle yet strong healing, clearing, balancing and uplifting effect.”

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